Let me introduce you to the Warrior SHE…

A warrior of action, no longer making small, slow decisions. SHE moves with conviction, guiding others with encouragement.

SHE does not allow her past to define her, nor does SHE delay in today’s decisions as if tomorrow is a guarantee.

 Are you looking to find your tribe?

Do you desire to step away from the pressures of the world where you can be yourself? You are not alone. Welcome to this safe place… where your dreams are encouraged, your insecurities accepted and your spirit empowered.

This is a gathering of determined souls who long to learn more about who God designed them to be.

It’s no secret that even on the sunny days,
we will face battles that burden within,
but the Warrior SHE sets her mind on victory.

And the Warrior SHE picks up her SHIELD, lifts the mighty SWORD entrusted to her, and steps forward in SALVATION and PEACE. With an earnest PRAYER in her heart, and words of praise to God on her lips, she seeks others who will link up with her in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS to join in this battle we call life.

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If you're tired of self-doubt, weary of the constant barrage of thought telling you that you're just not enough... why stand for it another day? We need to stop letting the devil target and trip us with self-defeating lies that keep us from enjoying life. Let us no longer deny our purpose, power, and influence. We are Warriors! Now is the time time to rip the target off our back and become armed and armored for the battle. It's time to learn who and Whose we are so we can stand firm, not settling for less than victory. Join me in this journey. For my deepest desire is to encourage you... to realize the warrior within!
033. How Do I KNOW If Jesus Really Cares?

033. How Do I KNOW If Jesus Really Cares?

Why do we care… to take on so much, so that we end up feeling overwhelmed and alone standing in the middle of a mess? Then we wonder if anyone really knows… can they too, hear all that noise that pounds out in no certain rhythm… like a dull drumming which drowns out every logical thought […]

032. If You Could Ask Jesus ONE THING…

032. If You Could Ask Jesus ONE THING…

Have you ever watched someone else worship? Wondered, ‘What in the world is REALLY going on inside?’ Like… are they faking it, or is there a real connection with God going on? Because it seems that there are so many different styles of worship, it’s hard to know. Have you ever […]

031.How I Can Find True Freedom when I’m Such a Slave to Fear?

031.How I Can Find True Freedom when I’m Such a Slave to Fear?

Have you ever wanted so much to escape… the bondage of something that you can barely breathe? Have you ever wished so badly for freedom that it aches down to the bone? It’s almost as if we can taste it; that idea of being truly able to do as we wish, […]

030. Worn Out, Weary and On the Run

030. Worn Out, Weary and On the Run

Lately, I’ve been tempted… to run right out the door. Not because I’m late, but just because I’m so weary, I just feel like I can’t take it anymore. My to-do list has become a two-pager and I can’t juggle high enough to keep everything in the air. Something is always being […]

Embolden the Warrior within
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