Let me introduce you to the Warrior SHE…

A warrior of action, no longer making small, slow decisions. SHE moves with conviction, guiding others with encouragement.

SHE does not allow her past to define her, nor does SHE delay in today’s decisions as if tomorrow is a guarantee.

Do you ever feel alone in the crowd?

As if there’s a great pressure to join in, but nothing truly resonates with you anymore. They all talk too fast, push too hard, and share too much. So you think, “I’ll just stay home,” because there’s really no other place where you can be yourself.

Me too!

Welcome to this safe place… where you can spread out and be the real you. In this place your dreams are encouraged, your insecurities are accepted and your spirit will be empowered.

My heart’s desire is for this to be a gathering of determined souls who long to learn more about God, and who He designed us to be.

It’s no secret that even on the sunny days,
we will face battles that burden within,
but the Warrior SHE sets her mind on victory
and trusts God to strenthen her every step of the way!

CREDO: And the Warrior SHE picks up her SHIELD, lifts the mighty SWORD entrusted to her, and steps forward in SALVATION and PEACE. With an earnest PRAYER in her heart and words of praise to God on her lips, she seeks others who will link up with her in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS to join in this battle we call life.

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If you're tired of self-doubt, weary of the constant barrage of thought telling you that you're just not enough... why stand for it another day? We need to stop letting the devil target and trip us with self-defeating lies that keep us from enjoying life. Let us no longer deny our purpose, power, and influence. We are Warriors! Now is the time time to rip the target off our back and become armed and armored for the battle. It's time to learn who and Whose we are so we can stand firm, not settling for less than victory. Join me in this journey. For my deepest desire is to encourage you... to realize the warrior within!
036.Longing for Comfort in a Messy Mourning

036.Longing for Comfort in a Messy Mourning

How do you face true loss? Where do you turn when you’re in the middle of messy mourning? People stand around you at a funeral trying to give their comfort, which is kind, but that never quite fills the gap that death leaves behind. So how can we find comfort […]

035.How Do I Wait in the Silence?

035.How Do I Wait in the Silence?

Do you remember when… believing in something fantastical was fun? Before we had to grow up. Before we began to reason and believe every thought that came flying into our mind… overthinking, worrying, and fearing the worst. Isn’t there a way to turn back time? To just live simply and […]

Arise, Warrior!

Arise, Warrior!

Coming Soon! Ssssh! it’s still a secret… but I can’t wait to reveal the new things in the works for the Warrior SHE. The Podcast is getting geared up for some new series. But this will be the addition that I’m most excited about: COMMUNITY! Can’t wait! More details to […]

034.The Warrior and the Adulterous Woman

034.The Warrior and the Adulterous Woman

If you’ve ever been in trouble… you might understand. I didn’t plan to be gone so long. But that’s the nature of the dark. First, you trip and fall. Then the battle gets out of hand and you spend your days crying out from a dark and narrow place you […]

Embolden the Warrior within
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