What Does God Expect of Us as He Fights our Battles? {Ep. 065}

What Does God Expect of Us as He Fights our Battles? {Ep. 065}

You’ve most likely heard…

that God will fight your battles. But how exactly does that happen? I mean, if God is loving, kind, and compassionate, how can He also be a Warrior engaging in battle?

You’ve got to admit…

that since we all have our own sorts of battles, it would be nice to believe that God was on our side and actually went to war for us, right? I mean, who would pass up help when they’re deep in a difficult situation?

So if you’re of the mind…

and choose to believe God is a Warrior, what exactly is your part? What are you and I supposed to do until the war is over… until the trouble has ceased? And how exactly can we build our faith to believe all this spiritual warfare stuff?

Well, today on the podcast we will look at the Warrior side of God learning not only, how we can trust Him with the victory, but what we are to do in the meantime.

065.First Warrior Battle

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