What to Do When Your Boldest Prayer Goes Unanswered? {Ep 069}

What to Do When Your Boldest Prayer Goes Unanswered? {Ep 069}

Do you ever hesitate…

to pray a bold request because you’re not quite sure it’ll get answered? Have you prayed before with great hope, only to be disappointed because you never got a clear answer?

You’re not alone, Warrior!

All of us, if we’re honest, struggle with prayer. Because there’s no certainty in it, even if we truly believe that God hears us. And while we sometimes wish it were, prayer is not magic wand that makes all our requests comes true.

So what should we do…

when our prayer goes unanswered?┬áThat’s the question I believe our Warrior of the week helps answer for us as we step into her life. We will witness how she responded after she got a personal audience with Jesus, and still found her request unfulfilled.

Join me as we discover…

how Salome handled her unanswered prayer.

069. Bold Prayer

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