How Warriors Find Security in God During Uncertain Times {Ep.020 updated}

How Warriors Find Security in God During Uncertain Times {Ep.020 updated}

Quick survey: Who likes surprises?

Depending on…

your life experience, you may interpret that question in a variety of ways. Some may vividly imagine a room filled with brightly colored streamers and cheerful friends gathered to greet them. While others may only hear the ominous ringtone, which awakens them in the middle of the night, bringing news that changes everything.

Even though…

these examples fall on the either end of the spectrum, each circumstance we face in between will also present itself with a degree of uncertainty. And we would be foolish to believe there was a way to plan every detail of life to avoid it.

So, what do we do…

to avoid those sleepless nights, when our minds won’t shut off with worry about the future? You know, during those uneasy times of waiting when our security seems just out of reach.

Join me today…

as we step back into the life of our Warrior, Esther, as her life takes one of these very uncertain turns just when everything seemed to be going her way. Learn how to be clothed with all that God provides in order to be prepared to join Him in the purpose He has prepared for you.

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