Warrior’s Perspective on Interruption: Troubled or Teachable? {Ep.095}

Warrior’s Perspective on Interruption: Troubled or Teachable? {Ep.095}

No one really likes…

an interruption. Not when it steals your attention, stifles your creativity, or stagnates your progress. I mean, how many times have you planned to accomplish something by a specific time, when someone interrupted you, only to talk your ear off? It can be so hard to even pay attention to what they’re saying, when all you can think of is how your whole schedule has just been shifted, altering your attitude and postponing your progress.

But what if…

we were able to see life’s interruptions from a new view? One which shifted our perspective, taking in each moment as teachable, rather than tormented. Because I believe that’s what today’s Warrior was privileged to learn, even in the middle of one the greatest interruptions of her life. Yes, she and her husband had lost everything only to become refugees. But because they were sensitive to listen to someone new God placed in their lives and became teachable in the trouble, their perspective shifted for the better.

Join me today…

as we step into the lives of the amazing Warrior, Priscilla and her husband, Aquila. Let’s witness how two-gether they formed a partnership of hospitality which spread the gospel worldwide, but through many generations.


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