How to Be a Warrior who Leaves a Legacy of Life {Ep 075}

How to Be a Warrior who Leaves a Legacy of Life {Ep 075}


They come flying at us every day. Big ones, little ones, difficult ones, easy ones. So how do we handle them? Do we typically follow our feelings, or simply do what we’ve always done?

All too often…

our choices become solved through habit so that we seldom contemplate the cumulative effect. I mean, sure, some choices seem simple. But pile them on top of the tough ones, and we might just topple toward tragedy.

That was the legacy…

in the life of this week’s Warrior Gone Wrong. She allowed the people, places and purpose of her past to foretell her future, leading her toward a legacy of death.

And since we certainly don’t want that sort of future, let us take advice from the One who knows our purpose better than any other. Let us learn how to stand firm in Gods’ truth, finding our way forward in a future that leaves a legacy of life!


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