034.The Warrior and the Adulterous Woman

034.The Warrior and the Adulterous Woman

If you’ve ever been in trouble…

you might understand. I didn’t plan to be gone so long. But that’s the nature of the dark. First, you trip and fall. Then the battle gets out of hand and you spend your days crying out from a dark and narrow place you never intended to be. Trouble is funny like that. It wants its own way. It wants to isolate you in the dark.

Was it a battle I chose to fight…

one I believed in? Was I marching off to war eager and determined to defeat an enemy I despised? Absolutely not. Honestly, I felt duped into it; tricked and deceived. I had no idea that I was headed off to war, cutting myself off from the calling I believed at one time was my purposed and true path in life.

I never expected…

to find myself in the pit; that deep dark place of trouble. I never planned to cry out in regret wishing I could do that one day over again; wishing I could take back that little three letter word I spoke aloud at just the wrong moment. But I was tempted by honey that dripped from the lips of an adulterous woman. She made it all sound so sweet. Yet bitterness was what I endured for a time.

So why not be honest!

Why not explain to you just what happened to me and where I’ve been. This is the truth of the trouble I found when I made a prideful and selfish choice. And my hope is that as you join me in the telling of this, I can share truths of how I learned to #takeheart in troubled times. That you too can be encouraged, for it’s there that I met Jesus in a new and unexpected way.
Because the Warrior SHE stood firm in the narrow place trusting Jesus and leaning into His strength and forgiveness each and every moment of the journey.

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  • YAY! You’re back! How I’ve missed you. Thank you so much for explaining what you were doing. God has so perfectly gifted you for this ministry. (Cyber hugs)

    • Oh, Janice… what a kind welcome back!
      Thank you for your encouragement.
      I am grateful for God’s grace above all!

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