021.Does My Posture Matter to God?

021.Does My Posture Matter to God?

We STAND in line, STAND for up for beliefs, and STAND in for someone not available. But does standing actually do us any good? I mean, why stand when you can sit, right?

On this episode of theWarriorSHE we will explore why God tells us to, “stand firm” as we put on the Armor of God.

We stand to be ready action.

If you’ve ever played a sport, you probably spent plenty of time on your feet. I mean, why would you take the field, only to sit down and wait for the opponent to run over you? Think about it. You won’t stand a chance of winning, if you don’t stay on your feet.

And what about the military? I’ve never been to war, myself. But I imagine if I sat down at the battle lines, I might just get run over… or worse.

We stand to portrays authority.

Think of the last time you heard a speaker at an event. You may have been sitting to show respect, but I’m not so certain their words would have moved the audience, if they simply sat behind the podium reading their notes.

And how many famous statues have you seen where the hero was sitting down. No, most of them prefer to be portrayed standing tall, so we will have a grander sense of honor for their character and achievements. While there may be a few seated, those are few and far between.

Could that be why…

God asks us to stand to see the victory?

Yes. In fact, I would argue that if you’re a Warrior, your stance very much matters. In fact, that’s exactly what our Warrior of the Week, Esther teaches us. For she had to get the attention of someone in power, someone with authority, someone who could help her in her purpose.

But she wasn’t the only one standing. Click play below and listen today as we step into the life of Esther to we discover the purpose and power of STANDing. Be encouraged as we see to understand how to can see victory in life battles if we will hold that upright stance.

And the Warrior… SHE stood dressed and ready, even when she didn’t feel like it.
Will you stand to realize the warrior within?

Resources from this episode can be downloaded @thewarriorshe.com
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