A Pattern for Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Practice {Ep.094}

A Pattern for Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Practice {Ep.094}

Did you know…

that God has given you spiritual gifts so that you can, not only fulfill your life’s purpose, but receive joy and peace as you do?

This special gifting often seems clouded in mystery, causing us misunderstanding and confusion. But what if I told you that God is eager for you to learn more about your spiritual gifts, and has even laid out a basic pattern for how to put them into practice?

That’s right!

Today, we are going to…

step into the life of a Warrior who display’s this pattern in such a clear and concise manner, that it will inspire you to learn more about your specific spiritual gifts and how to practice them as a service to others.

Join me as we learn from Dorcas, that life begins again, when we are willing to discover the joys of giving.

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