017: Seven Insights for Effective Prayer

017: Seven Insights for Effective Prayer

What does effective prayer have to do with spider webs? Well, have you ever walked face first into a spider web, only to do that crazy dance trying to get it off your face? I was so grateful the other day, that it was humid and overcast… weird I know. But because of the different weather conditions, I saw the big spiderweb looming ahead of me and was able to avoid it. In fact, I took a picture of it HERE

Wouldn’t it be great…

  • If we had that sort of insight for trouble in our life?
  • If we could avoid walking right into difficult circumstances that make us freak out?
  • If there were special conditions that helped us SEE trouble for what it is?

Boy our lives would become so much more peaceful if we had all that. And the reality is, that we can. That’s what we call Spiritual Warfare Awareness. It’s taking our eyes off the temporal to consider the eternal. It’s realizing that God has a much bigger world than what we see.

But being able to see things isn’t always what matters. You see, when we understand that there truly are forces of good and evil at war about us, then we can be much more prepared when trouble does come. Because we can gain a bit perspective to realize that that God’s good will always defeat evil. And He’s on our side… or rather we are on His.

Spiritual Warfare Awareness helps us…

to learn more about the Armor of God. And today specifically, to learn more about prayer. Because it’s much more than just words whispered as we climb in bed at night. Prayer is the language God speaks. And He wants us to not only know it, but feel so comfortable with it that we use it all the time.

It’s not like God is holding out on you, keeping this language a secret. He gave us plenty of examples and help understanding it within the Bible. He even allowed others, who lived during the days recorded in the Bible to live life out in front of us, praying effective prayers.

And they aren’t that difficult. In fact as you listen to the podcast today, you might just find that prayer is pretty simple.

And when you realize it’s also one of the weapons in the Armor of God, it’ll help you realize the Warrior within.

Warrior, God does not desire for us to walk headfirst into difficult circumstances. Rather He wants us armed and armored each day. And that’s why He gave us the gift of prayer.

Join me as I tell you what I recently learned with these 7 Key Insights to Effective Prayer. Let us explore prayer together and learn how to adopt this Spiritual Warfare Awareness. This enlightening episode is sure to gear you up for victory, as you realize the Warrior within!

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Join me today as we discover 7 eye-opening insights to help us become Prayer Warriors who connect with God in more effective prayers. We will look at Hannah’s prayer in the Old Testament, combined with the Armor of God in Ephesians 6.

This is sure to refresh you with a new perspective, and arm you with different types of prayer used as both defensive and offensive weapons.

I am praying for you to gain strength from God as we learn together, realizing the Warrior within.

The life events of Hannah can be read in 1 Samuel 1
Her prayer is verse 11

If you’re wanting to know more of Hannah’s story,
check out Episode 016:How to Overcome when You’re Overwhelmed.

Resources can be downloaded at thewarrioshe.com

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Today I’m excited to return to the life of our Warrior Hannah, specifically because we’re going to talk about prayer.
And I think we can learn from her because we see her as someone who saw miraculous answer to her prayer

And I’ll be honest, prayer is hard to understand, it’s hard to grasp and often hard to do.
There are times that I just feel inadequate, not knowing what to say to God, or how to say it, so I just put it off. I mean God already knows everything already… right? So sometimes I think, what’s the purpose of prayer if He already knows everything?

And then when I haven’t prayed in a while, when I feel distant from Him, thenI start feeling guilty, like I have to apologize to God for not praying… and that guilt sometimes will put me off to not pray as much.  1:35 It just seems like it’s this viscous cycle sometimes and I get in the way of the communication that God designed for us to keep in touch with Him.

I believe I’m not alone in this. I think a lot of us struggle.

But I’m encouraged by the fact that even the Disciples of Jesus struggled with prayer.
They asked Him how to pray… they were uncertain
And then when He asked them to pray with Him in the Garden, before His crucifixion, they continued to fall asleep.

I believe I’m not alone in this. I think a lot of us struggle.

But I’m encouraged by the fact that even the Disciples of Jesus struggled with prayer.
They asked Him how to pray… they were uncertain
And then when He asked them to pray with Him in the Garden, before His crucifixion, they continued to fall asleep.

So I know this is just a problem of our generation, it’s a human problem.
2:13 But as Warriors of God I think we should definitely consider looking at this from a Spiritual warfare perspective.

Because if Jesus,imself prayed… and He is noted as praying a lot… I mean He lived on the other side of Heaven until He became a man… He saw prayers come into heaven and He knew the importance of them… otherwise why would He have prayed so much here on earth. There must be something so valuable in prayer that we have just not seen.
And could it be that’s exactly why we struggle with it?
Could it be that our enemy, the devil wants to keep us from knowing the power in our life which comes from prayer?
Remember satan himself started out in heaven and he still has access there. So he too must know what happens when we pray.

3:09 Ephesians 6:12 is a verse smack in the middle of those verses which list the armor of God says...
This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly realm.

This is so much a bigger battle than what we see.
We need to understand the power of prayer and why we are being discouraged from praying… when we feel guilty or inadequate, those are pressures from the enemy himself, wanting to keep us from communicating with God… from accessing His power. The devil would like nothing more than to isolate us and keep us feeling less than, powerless and insecure when it comes to our faith.

So let’s set a goal to become prayer warriors! 4:02 I bet you’ve heard of them… people who pray for and about everything. People, whom honestly I envy because they seem to know some secret I don’t.
But it hasn’t kept me from asking them to pray for me.

I mean why is it that we believe someone else has more power in prayer than we do? As if they have a stronger connection… a better heavenly wifi?
God doesn’t play favorites so we too should be women… warriors who pray.

Did you realize that at the end of the list of the armor of God, Paul tells us to pray.
Well today, we are going to learn that there is a piece of Roman armor that represents prayer. And I believe it’s going to open your eyes to prayer.

So today, what we are going to tackle is eliminating barriers to prayer.
Because wouldn't we be more motivated to pray if we knew they really mattered?
Wouldn’t we be less likely to put off praying for another time, if we found out that prayer is not some magical formula, or some special language we don’t know?

What if YOU actually believed YOU were the prayer warrior? The one who was convinced of the power of prayer and could stand confident before God, and boldly ask Him for the every desire of your heart?

Well today, as we step back into Hannah’s life, we’re going to see how she became a prayer warrior...
And I believe, by the grace of God we will eliminate some of the confusion, alleviate the mystery behind this illusive language… and realize the prayer warrior within us

So let’s do this… let’s PRAY about it before we start…

Father God, realizing You know everything anyway, so we might as well admit that we aren’t always sure how to pray, but You know that about us.
So we thank You first FOR prayer, that You set up this way of communicating with You that we want to know more about.
And since You set this whole thing up, we ask that YOU teach us today, Lord, how to pray.
And EQUIP us to be the type of warriors who can use this weapon most effectively, not only for our life, but for those we know and love.
Lord, use this time and these words to be for Your glory alone.
we ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen


1st Insight: Come as you are 7:07

2nd Insight: Have a Warrior mindset 7:36
Hannah clearly had a warrior mindset. She understood that there was a spiritual battle going and and she needed God’s resources to fight for her.

3rd Insight: Ask boldly in as few words 8:17

4th Insight: Commit to serve Him with the answer 8:43
what God answers to be used for our purpose in the kingdom of God

5th Insight:the Lance of Prayer 11:21
Prayer is a piece of armor

6th Insight: Launch it! 12:36
Mental image 13:35
Sending your prayer off to disable our enemy
Defense... in advance is more effective

7th Insight: Let it go! 14:03
Launch the prayer, knowing it’s been sent to do the work.
If we don’t let go of the lance, it can’t do it’s work
Don't pray a prayer and then worry, complain, or speak negatively about our circumstance
Walk away blessed and in peace

BONUS Insight: 15:25
Understand the devil doesn’t want you to realize spiritual warfare is real so he will try to cause you doubt even after you’ve prayed. So after you've prayed... you are changed, don’t listen to the lies

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