Serving God in the Struggle of a Give and Take World {Ep.097}

Serving God in the Struggle of a Give and Take World {Ep.097}

It can take all our energy…

to be stuck in the middle of two fighting friends, and what we wouldn’t give for a peaceful pause to the strife. Jealousy rages, feelings get hurt, backs are turned. And there you stand in the middle trying to give each of them support, challenging your heart to not to take sides.

And while these are…

challenging times to remain steadfast as good friends, don’t be surprised if you’ve ever stood firm and been open about your faith. Because this may actually be a time of testing in the spirit realm. So, give your armor a good tug, Warrior, steady yourself as you take in this spiritual battle and all it has to teach.

But don’t fear…

because you’re not alone. In fact, many warriors have been through similar, and even fiercer battles. In fact, if you will give me your time today, we will take a look at some valuable lessons from two warriors who lived out this very real handmaids tale. That’s right, today we will be meeting the warriors, Bilhah and Zilpah, two women of the Bible who served sisters bent on a battle, each bearing more boys than the other, leaving these warriors weary in the messy middle.


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