020.Where Do I Find Security in Uncertain Times?

020.Where Do I Find Security in Uncertain Times?

No one likes to live in uncertainty. I’m not talking about planning every detail of your life so there’s no spontaneity or surprises. But I certainly would love to avoid those sleepless nights, when the mind won’t shut off with the lights. Like when we’re in a time of waiting; when our security about the future seems just out of reach.

But I think the only reason we toss and turn is because we’ve learned from past experience that things don’t always turn out as we plan. Life seemed easier as a kid when each day just came one at a time; when we couldn’t even imagine the future.

Security is a matter of perspective

But like most kids, I was pretty scared of the dark. I remember how sweet my Dad was, though. Each night before I went to bed, we had this routine where he’d come to my room before the lights were out, to check under the bed and in the closet. I certainly wasn’t going to do that by myself.

But I remember one night, after our routine was over, I found myself lying in bed, unable to sleep. And as I lay there in my bed, I remember looking around my room to realize that someone was sitting there staring at me. I could tell they were trying to sit real still, but was sure I saw them move ever so slightly. I pulled the covers tight to my chin and called for my Dad. Faithfully, he came, flipping on the wall switch, wondering why I was crying.

I have to say that I wasn’t really relived to find that my “stalker” was really just a pile of clothes I left hanging over the back of my chair. My dad did his best to reason with me, but somehow I was sure they had gotten away; maybe hidden somewhere else in the room.

I mean, I saw movement. I was sure someone was sitting there. But my dad sweetly sat on the side of my bed, stroking my hair, telling me that things weren’t always what they seem when we are surrounding by the dark. He reassured me of my safety and that he was never far away.

I did’t realize back then…

that my dad was teaching me a lesson much broader than the scope of my bedroom. It’s easy to let our imagination get the best of us when we’re in the dark times of life. If we stare at a problem long enough, we can turn the into a villain seeking to take our security, when it’s really as harmless as a pile of clothes.

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When things aren’t working out quite like we planned, it’s easy to doubt if God is really paying attention. Uncertainty is often uncomfortable. And it’s easy to let thoughts of unfairness crowd our perspective just when we thought we had it all together. So what on earth can we depend upon? And where can we find security?
That’s the kind of circumstance in which our Warrior, Esther found herself. She could have seen all as unfair and rebelled. But instead we witness her time, and time again putting on what God has given… even when it doesn’t make sense. Even when it challenges her to risk her life.
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