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094.A Warrior's Perspective on Interruption_Resource

Gain a tentmakers insight to change your perspective when facing trouble.

093.A Pattern for Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Practice_Resource

Discover your Spiritual Gifts and learn how they are different from skills, talents & abilities.

092.How Can God's Grace Transform a Wayward Warrior?_Resource

Learn more about how GRACE can transform your life, both now, and eternally!

015U. 5 Truths to Tell Your Heart Before Trouble Comes_Resource (updated)

Speak these 5 truths, trusting God to guide you when the trouble turns up, making you ready for action!

079. How to Hold on to the Hope of God's Immeasurably More?_Resource

Learn about God’s provision of immeasurably more as you dig deeper, applying His word to your dream.

078.How Can I Embrace My Emptiness to Prove God's Power?_Resource

Learn the basics of fasting and consider how it can help you embrace a season of emptiness

077.How to Become a Bold Warrior in Your Season of Stuckness_Resource

Delve deeper into Psalm 119 to better understand what God wants to do with your “if only”

076.Courageous Faith to Face Your Most Formidable Opponent_Resource

Dig deeper to discover the courageous faith God wants to strengthen in your own heart

075.How to Be a Warrior who Leaves a Legacy of Life_Resource

Learn more about the inheritance God gives, empowering us to live a life of legacy

074.How to Spot a Spiritual Ambush (before being seized by surprise)_Resource

Become more prepared for the ambush as you learn about the seen and unseen spiritual realm.

073.How to Flip Your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to Face Your Faith_Resource

Consider the ways that our Warrior Gone Wrong temps us toward discontentment and how God encourages us through it.

072. 3 Ways a Warrior Stands Firm as a Best Friend_Resource

Use this tool as a reminder of the pieces of armor and how they can be utilized in our relationships for the LOrd’s glory.

071. 3 Lessons that Lead Warriors to Listen and Obey_Resource

Learn the true meaning of prophecy and find out how you can use this gift!

070. 5 Vital Virtues of a Warrior Wife_Resource

Learn the 3 keys to become a Better Battle Buddy before the struggle begins

069.What to Do when Your Boldest Prayer Goes Unanswered?_Resource

Consider these principles of prayer as you wait patiently for your unanswered request

068.How Can I Fully Embrace the Freedom God Gives?_Resource

Walk through the 7 Character Traits of a Warrior to confidently step forward in action!

067.How Struggling in a Stronghold Can Lead to Salvation_Resource

Step through these verses to learn how to struggle well in the stronghold

066. 3 Reasons Warriors can Overcome Fear of End Times _Resource

Study more about the names of the EverLASTing Warrior to overcome fear of end times.

065.What Does God Expect of Us as He Fights Our Battles? _ Resource

Dig deeper, studying the ways our God displays His character as a Warrior.

064.How to Put On Your Armor Like a Great Warrior _ Resource

Study some of the battles Jesus faced as the enemy sought to steal, kill and destroy Him.

063. How to Fully Receive God's Blessing and Live in It _ Resource

Study the Magnificat of Mary verse by verse and be encouraged in your current circumstance.

062.How to Boldly Speak the Will and the Word of the Lord _ Resource

Receive encouragement from the Lord DAILY, as you write these verses and speak them over yourself.

061.How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Learn how to step into the blessings of the Holy Spirit by studying the promises of God.

060. 3 Key Concepts to Re-Kindle the Dream in Your Heart

Take time to invest in your dream by considering these key concepts of your purpose.

059.How to Speak up with the Faith of a Warrior

All the blessings promised to Israel in the Bible are yours! Dig deeper with this brief study to discover your inheritance through faith.

058. 7 Proven Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior Woman

A look at Proverbs 31 from a fresh perspective in order to help you leave behind the concern that it’s an unattainable measure.

057.Can I Trust God to Work ALL Things Together for Good?

Dig deeper into the idea that you are no longer TAKEN, but rather GIVEN with this FREE study.

056.How to Speak the Contagious Faith of a Warrior

Write personalized prophetic statements for your life using the word of God

055.How Can I Develop the 5 Qualities of a Wise Warrior Woman?

It’s time to become a Wise Warrior Woman! Dig deeper into the study of Wisdom and set a battle plan to overcome.

054.How Can I Become the Influencer God Created Me to Be?

You were creted for influence! Learn the three things each Warrior needs to become the influencer God created her to be!

053.How Can I Receive the Romance of My Redeemer?

Let’s stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Rather, let’s make a battle plan with the three lessons Ruth teaches to receive true romance from our Redeemer!

052.How to Kid Bad Habits that Hinder Godly Expectations

Engage with this resource to help you kick these bad habits so that God can help you realize hope and new expectations for the purpose and plans He created you for.

051.How Do I INVITE & INCLUDE God in MY Relationships?

Use this study resource to make a Battle Plan for INVITING and INCLUDING God into your relationships and take advantage of this NEW Quick Start Guide to put it into practice!

049. 3 Powerful Lessons to Stay Plotted Toward Your Purpose

Would you too like to be a prophetess like Miriam? Don’t be discouraged. Follow the way of love and eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. (1 Cor 14:1)

048.FAITH: How to Build a Firm Foundation

If you’re needing a FIRM foundation of FAITH, step though this guide to learn how Miriam grew while she waited.

047.On Purpose:Am I Positioned to Impact the Kingdom of God?

Answer these key questions to help you reflect on your vision and discover your stance in the Kingdom of God

046.How to Resolve Conflict and Glorify God

Consider how Abigail met in the middle and used her head, heart, hands and habits to negotiate conflict that literally saved lives!

045.Three KEYS to Becoming a Powerful Prayer Warrior

Step into the shoes of a Prayer Warrior as you learn how to AIM your prayers in the right direction.

044.How Can I Stand Firm in the Middle of My Mess?

Consider the things you grab for in the lonely times and use this guide to help you stand firm and let go.

043.Who Do You Become When Your Rug Gets Tugged?

Learn how to shed the less-than labels and stand firm in the more than purpose God created you for.

042.Why Do I Still Struggle with My Identity?

Dig deeper with Leah to firm up a Battle Plan for getting away from hungry people and standing firm  in what God has blessed!

041.STRONGHOLDS: Where Do We Hide When it Matters Most?

Define stronghold and gain understanding about the most common types and how you can apply TRUTH to overcome them.

040.Is Manipulation Causing Me to Miss the Will of God?

This guide will help you consider the truths God desires for us, not leaning on our own understanding, but waiting for His will in His timing

039.How to Pray for a Sign on the Journey to Your Unknown

Let us open our eyes to a new perspective as we hold our unknown, open in our hands before God… let us ask Him for a sign, stepping forward in faith as Warriors.

038.The Partnership and Power of Perpetual Persuasion

Struggling to find your place of powerful persuasion? Consider these questions to move you toward your passion.

037.Are you Brave and Battle Ready?

As you get ready to step into your area of service, consider these five qualifications to see if you are battle ready and BRAVE!

036.Longing for Comfort in the Messy Mourning

Learning how to wait well is difficult. Let’s spend some time offering simple prayers this week, trusting God to do the heavy lifting. Like Mary, speak just your need, then let go and trust that God has a plan, waiting even in the silence.

035.How Do I Wait in the Silence?

Do you remember when believing in something fantastical was fun? Before we had to grow up. Before we began to reason and believe every thought that came flying into our mind… overthinking, worrying, and fearing the worst. Isn’t there a way to turn back time? To just live simply and believe again?

034.The Warrior and the Adulterous Woman

Where do you turn when trouble comes and hems you in on all sides? What do you do when you feel as if the darkness is about to swallow you and there is no way out? Even if you can’t get a “do over,” there is a way out. Get to know the One who will meet you in the middle.

033.How Do I Know if Jesus Really Cares?

How exactly is it that we are supposed to put on this Helmet of Salvation and why? Do I really need it? Take a look at the mind God has given and what this helmet is for.

032.If You Could Ask Jesus Just ONE Thing

Make the choice. Consider how you too can open your mind, heart and hands to receive what God has for You. Be still and listen to His word, his voice. And choose the ONE THING which will change your life both today and for eternity.

031.How Can I Find True Freedom When I'm Such a Slave to Fear?

Have you ever wanted so much to escape the bondage of something that you can barely breathe? Join me in this adventure into the life of Hagar to find freedom from what enslaves us

030.Worn Out, Weary and On the Run

Let God ask His questions of your heart. He sees you, He hears you. He longs for you to know your purpose. Listen for His voice and receive His salvation.

029.Are You Captive to Comparison or a Defender of Differences?

Let us break free of the captivity of comparison, making allowances for others. Let us defend our differences, embrace what we do well and be beautifully us

028.What is Righteousness and Why Would I Want It?

Experience Right Standing in God’s presence as you step through the process of RESTORATION.

027.How Do I Get Past My Problem & Run Toward My Purpose?

Stop running and begin pursuing your purpose. Use these daily verse studies to help you get past the roadblocks and discern your direction as you run into God’s presence first thing each day.

026.Weigh Your Words to Lighten Your Load

Prepare RIGHT words rather than lugging the weighty ones around. Use these 7 verses to encourage you this week

025.What is True Worship and How Can I Experience It?

Dig deeper into the meaning of TRUE Worship and how the Woman at the Well expressed it.

024.How to Replace a Ruined Reputation

Are you weary of words which try to define you? Do you feel buried beneath a reputation of past mistakes? Be refreshed by the TRUTHs God speaks over you

023.Do You Fear What They Will Say?

Stop living in fear of what others might say. Hiding only amplifies the whispers inside. Step out to receive the gift of the One who knew you from the start

022.How to Prepare for Your Answered Prayer

What do we do after the Amen? So that we don’t lose faith in the middle, let’s learn how to prepare for the victory God has in store for us.

021.Does My Posture Matter to God?

Learn from Esther that posture really does matter to God. He asks that we STAND to see Him bring the. victory

020.Where Do I Find Security in Uncertain Times?

Where can we find security when things are not working out like we planned? Instead of crying unfair, learn how to PUT ON what God gives, even when it’s risky.

019.How to Thrive in the Struggle

NO DOWNLOAD available for this podcast

018.How to Bravely Believe in God's Truth

Learn from Hannah how to express your JOY for for the TRUTH’s of God, and receive STRENGTH to be brave

017.Seven Key Insights to Effective Prayer

Review the 7 key insights to effective prayer and the 5 types of prayer to help you realize the PrayerWarrior within

016.How to Overcome When You Feel Overwhelmed?

Overcome this week with verses to guide you using your sword.

015.Take Action Over Anxiety

Leave paralysis of the problem to fulfill the purpose of God

014.New Identity in Christ: Armed for the After

Complete your target and enjoy a week’s worth of devotional verses

013.How to Hear from God

Be encouraged by these ten Armor of God verses written in first person.

012.Finding God in My Pain

Reflect on these truths of God and lies from the enemy as you design your target

011.How Faith Works

Partner with God in FAITH as we learn to work, walk and wait through it.

010.Braving our Barren Places

NO DOWNLOAD for this episode

009.Running on Empty

Even when we get detoured from our purposed path, there is fuel for our faith

008.How to Recover from Identity Theft

Create your own ID Badge by claiming what God has for you to inherit.

007.The Bond of Love

Learn the type of bond God defines so that we may be unified in love.

006.Targeted for Temptation

Even when we get detoured from our purposed path, there is fuel for our faith

005.This Means War

Learn how to fight spiritual battles, even taking captives

004.The Gemstone Ring

NO DOWNLOAD for this episode

003.You're Putting Me On

Learn how the armor of God is meant to fit

002.Who Pulled the Rug Out?

Stand firm in the purpose God has for you through life’s challenges.

001.Good Mercies, Warrior!

NO DOWNLOAD for this episode

Prayer of Salvation

If you are wanting to connect with God, receiving forgiveness of sins as a free gift by grace through faith, then simply confess this prayer out loud. Contact me after, if you desire encouragement in your next steps. Welcome to the family of God!

How to Wear the Armor of God

Learn how other Warriors put their Armor into ACTION. Click on each Armor icon to listen.

What is the Armor of God?

Use this guide to learn the basics of the Armor of God


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