003.You’re Putting Me on!

003.You’re Putting Me on!

Do I really need to
‘Put on the Armor of God?’

Well, ever been caught off guard? Then you know exactly what it’s like NOT to be wearing any armor. Because just as the phrase says, if you don’t have your guard on, you’re defenseless, unprotected, and open to attack.

An no one likes to end up that way. Not only can it be embarrassing, but it can topple forth like a trail of dominos, causing harm in more areas that we realize.

Let’s say that you have a project or task due at work. You’ve been so busy that you haven’t had a chance to work it. But the minute you arrive on Monday, you’re told it’s due by the end of the day. Any plans you made before are now shot. You start getting anxious, frantically trying to make some progress, when you get a call from a new friend reminding you of your lunch date.

That conversation doesn’t go well, because now she thinks you’re blowing her off. And the stress mounts as you remember that after lunch you had planned to pay that speeding ticket due today.

How could this day get worse? It’s all my bosses fault for moving up that deadline. What a jerk! I don’t need this kind of pressure right now. Maybe I’ll just quit and go someplace where they plan better and appreciate their employees. Let the boss do this stupid project himself… and the rationalizations mount.

But maybe your day isn’t that serious.

Because it’s date night and you’re just headed out to dinner with your husband, when he says, “We’ve got to talk.” Uh oh! He proceeds to tell you that the vacation you’ve been planning won’t be possible because his boss scheduled him to work extra shifts that week. And no matter how hard you try to reason with him, he just won’t tell you yes, and the boss no.

So you put it aside; decide that it’s not going to ruin your evening. But then as you step into the restaurant, another woman reaches out to hug your husband. He seems genuinely surprised to see her, but then stutters a bit over the introduction. It’s just someone from his office. And you feel yourself getting hot; it’s rising up your neck and causing your head to pound. Is he telling the truth? Could she be the reason our vacation is cancelled?

You’ve just been caught off guard!

And it happens more often than you realize. But we just chalk it up to rude people or bad timing. When actually they are strategic plans by an enemy to get you upset; to cause you to act less than your “Christian” self.

It doesn’t take much really. But how awful it is to get tangled in the thoughts that you are no longer enough. That how you planned out your life is just not working out.

Let someone say the just wrong word at just the right moment and it sets us off. Because we’re weren’t prepared for it. So we find ourselves standing there… caught off guard and exposed.

But what if you had some protection?

What if you had some armor that could be strapped on, standing guard over your heart, you mind… your soul? Not only to protect you defensively, but also giving you the confidence to strike your own blow.

Join me today as we talk about what it means to to properly put on the Armor of God. And if we do it right, it will be knit within us so that it cannot be taken off. This armor should sink into us and become knit to our soul. This is the confidence Christ desires we accept daily as part of our inner being and what it means to be “in Christ.”

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