038.The Partnership and Power of Perpetual Persuasion

038.The Partnership and Power of Perpetual Persuasion

Persuasive people are powerful people.

But they don’t just sit around waiting for the fairy of persuasion to sprinkle her magic dust on them. So how do they become so? And more to the point, how do we learn the art of persuasion?

Begin by observing one who is.

Let’s meet a unique and intersting Warrior. She is different than many we’ve walked with before. She doesn’t reveal many weaknesses or struggles, although I’m sure she’s suffered them. Otherwise, how could she have become so strong, so determined… so persuasive.

She is Lydia of Philippi.

Yes, the merchant dealer of purple cloth from the Bible. Many have heard of her because she was the first Christian convert in Europe. And because of the depth of her generosity, her home was also the birthplace of the first Christian Church in Europe.

Church of Lydia
Church of Lydia: Courtesy of thebiblejourney.org

Today, you can visit the memorial Church of Lydia, if you are in Philippi. But standing in that church won’t necessarily make you like her. Rather, we need to open our hearts to humbly listen to what God has to reveal about the power of perpetual persuasion. Because Lydia only appears in 2 verses of the Bible. And yet we can know her to be hard working, obedient, discerning and kind. We recognize her as humble, persistent, blameless, and pure.

All because of her connection to Paul’s ministry and the faith which when partnered… propelled Christianity into new nations.

Just imagine what it can do when realized in your life.

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What has persuaded you to look for a podcast today? Something is always stirring inside… causing us to seek after, to dig deeper, to long for more.

So what is it we are pursuing? Purpose? Power? Passion? Persuasion? 
Do we know what causes us to believe? What causes us to question… to move forward into something risky or new? Do we trust others with our hearts and dreams… even gathering together, creating forces bigger than ourselves?
Join me today as we step into the life of a Warrior who does not disappoint as she persuades us with the passion of yielded heart. This is the beginning of understanding FAITH… this is the cyclical passion of persuasion.
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