Windows of Opportunity: 3 Ways to Walk Away Without Regret {Ep.099}

Windows of Opportunity: 3 Ways to Walk Away Without Regret {Ep.099}

Are you tired of…

that loop of regret which tells you “You’re stuck?”  That constant feeling that you’re all alone in this mess? That everyone else has got it all together, while you’re looking for an opportunity for a do-over? I’ve been there, Warrior. Trapped in the thought that I made all the wrong choices. We all have. Because we can’t avoid those windows of opportunity which pop up without notice.

Am I going to tell you…

that on the other side of your choices, you’ll never experience pain? Or that no one will ever hurt you again? No, I can’t make those promises. But I can share with you a woman’s life from the Bible, framed by two windows of opportunity, giving a cautionary tale about the value of making guided choices. It encourages us how to better prepare for right thinking in the moment, whether it’s an opportunity we have time to contemplate, or one we need to make on the fly.

So, let’s step into…

the life of Michal, a woman who endured a true tragedy of the heart, but who’s pain can be purposed to prepare us for our windows, as we learn to walk away without regret.

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