New Identity in Christ: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression {014 updated}

New Identity in Christ: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression {014 updated}

So many forces…

throughout our life seem to tell us who we are, from childhood name calling to the conflict and stress which triggers anxiety and depression. All too often we are convinced of the lie that we are not worthy. That our identity is less-than.

But the truth is…

God wants to step in and reveal how He sees us! He desires, not only to lift our burdens and anxieties, but to speak wholeness and peace over us, claiming us as His own daughters. He wants us to realize our new identity in Christ!

Join me today…

as we take one more look into the life of our Warrior, the Woman with the Issue of Blood. We will dig deeper into the words Jesus speaks over her; the words Jesus speaks over us. Let us claim our identity as Daughters of the King, who have a great and eternal inheritance.


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