How to Sprinkle Grace in Your Sheltered Space {Ep 102}

How to Sprinkle Grace in Your Sheltered Space {Ep 102}

The pressure is building for all of us, Warrior. You’re not alone in you search for grace in your sheltered space.

In fact, I completely blew it this week! Just wait until you hear how I let the pressure of this pandemic take hold of my head and my heart. Sadly, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Fortunately, there was grace for me.

And that’s what I want to share with you; a new perspective as we stay holed up in our homes. Let us use this mindset for right reflection as we implement some positive ways to relieve the pressure and evaluate our inner expectations, sprinkling them with a right measure of grace.

So, join me for this brief devotion about how to sprinkle grace in your sheltered space!

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If you’re looking for the link I mentioned in this episode, you can listen to the episode on Noah’s wife HERE! 5 Virtues of a Warrior Wife {Ep 070}

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