How to Spot a Spiritual Ambush (before being seized by surprise) {Ep 074}

How to Spot a Spiritual Ambush (before being seized by surprise) {Ep 074}

I’m not sure why…

some people like surprises. Maybe this confuses me because no surprise I’ve experienced was ever really good. I mean, I can think of plenty of times that I was shocked, overwhelmed or taken-aback. But those have not been pleasant experiences. I’d actually consider them to be, well, more of an ambush.

You see an #ambush…

is defined as a surprise attack from a concealed position upon a temporarily halted target. And while it might sound like a great strategy for the ambush-er, there’s nothing pleasant at all about being the ambush-ee.

So today…

as we step back into the life of our Warrior Gone Wrong, Jezebel, we will study the ambush she set, not only to learn how to better spot a spiritual ambush, but how to prepare ourselves to not be surprised by it.


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