056.How to Speak the Contagious Faith of a Warrior

056.How to Speak the Contagious Faith of a Warrior

It’s easy enough…

to talk about battles when times are good. But when trials come, the struggle to find faith-filled, contagious words that would inspire, often leaves us muttering complaints instead.

So why not prepare?

Why not take some lessons in a FAITH that’s CONTAGIOUS from a Warrior who understood what true victory is all about.

Join me as we step…

into the life of Deborah, the Prophetess, who was not only used to the many roles we women take on, but who also spoke powerful words that led an army and a nation to victory. Amazingly, she did not let others lack of faith or negativity sway her. Nor was she overcome by pride so that she missed out on her purpose.

Let’s settle in…

and learn as much as we can from this Warrior. But most importantly, let’s consider how to speak the contagious faith needed when our battles become most fierce.

Contagious faith…

doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds, you know. In fact, it can be as simple as speaking a phrase or sentance that God wrote out for us. Yes, that’s right, Warrior. and all we need to do to get started on this journey to contagious faith, is to begin speaking God’s word out loud. So to help us get started, I’ve got some simple steps. Just listen to the podcast and then download the easy study I’ve added to the Resources page HERE.

056.How to Speak the Contagious Faith of a Warrior

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