How to Put On Your Armor Like a Great Warrior {Ep 064}

How to Put On Your Armor Like a Great Warrior {Ep 064}

Does it ever feel…

like you’re going through trial that no one else seems to face? Are you discouraged in your spiritual walk, wondering if you’ll ever become a strong warrior who never fears? Well, hang on to your armor Warrior, this episode is for you!

Because today…

we will step into the life of Jesus, the greatest Warrior who ever lived, as we watch Him face some of His fiercest battles. Not only that, but we’ll learn more about each piece of the armor as Jesus demonstrates how to wield it well.

The Armor of God…

isn’t always so easy to understand. But when we can witness someone else wearing and using it the way God intended, we can learn a great deal to apply in our own lives.

This is a rich one, Warrior. So, let’s get started!


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