How Can I Best Prepare for My Answered Prayer? {Ep.022 updated}

How Can I Best Prepare for My Answered Prayer? {Ep.022 updated}

How do you prepare…

for the answer to your biggest prayer? Do you have everything all lined up and ready for God to show up? Or, have you lost confidence in prayer, barely going through the motions, because circumstances have begun to overwhelm your faith?

Whether you’re a…

prayer warrior or a prayer worry-er, it can be difficult to muddle through the middle while waiting on God to answer. So, what exactly are we to do, after the “Amen?”

Join me today…

for this 4th and final episode in our series on the Warrior Esther, as we explore just that! If ever there was an overwhelming and impossible situation, Esther faced it. But that didn’t stop her from boldly praying and preparing for God to move. Learn some amazing ways Esther kept herself engaged in courageous faith as she prepared to prosper, even when standing face to face with her enemy.
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If you enjoyed this episode, you’re likely to find encouragement from the entire life story of Esther. Start at the beginning and listen to her entire story: Ep.019 How to Answer with God’s Grace when Uninvited Trouble Knocks, Ep.020 How Warriors Find Security in God During Uncertain Times, Ep.021 Why Does it Really Matter that I Stand in a Spiritual Battle?

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