039.How to Pray for a Sign on the Journey to Your Unknown

039.How to Pray for a Sign on the Journey to Your Unknown

Are you waiting for something Warrior?

Are you on a journey, wondering which way to turn? It’s totally normal you know, to feel fear stepping into to the unknown. But God is not the author of fear. (2 Timothy 1:7) So why don’t we ask Him for a sign? Why not seek His help and guidance along the way, opening our eyes to His perspective?

There will always be a question

as to which direction to go. Especially as new journeys toward unknown destinations arise. And we will never run out of new seasons of our life. So we might as well get used to this phenomenon. But if we truly want to please God, we can get stuck in places like this, never moving forward, never fully realizing our purpose. It can be such a daunting task for Warriors who want to win for the glory of God.

So have you ever asked God for a sign?

Have you ever considered that maybe you might just need a landmark to make sure you’re on the right part of the map? I’ve heard some people say that’s ‘testing God’ and it’s wrong. But to be honest, if God doesn’t want to give you a sign, He won’t.

Besides, I’m here to encourage you… to spur you on and to let you know that it’s ok to ask. God wants to show you the way! He has a plan and purpose for each of our lives and He does not want us stumbling around trying to figure it out on our own.

Today, on the podcast…

we will journey back to the days of Rebekah as she crosses paths with a Warrior servant at the well of her father. This beautiful encounter is a God appointed moment made in heaven to reassure them both that they are on the right path toward their destinies. Not only were both their prayers answered here, but we can learn how ours can be as well.

Follow these 5 Steps

for Successful Warriors I have outlined as you step out in faith, seeking the same connection… the same confirmed sign for your purpose and gain confidence in your journey!

This is certain to be time well spent, Warrior!

039.How to Pray for a Sign.PIN

After you listen…

this will make more sense! On the podcast you’ll hear a story about a sign I asked God for… this is my friend and me that day at the gym (it’s not pretty, but it’s proof!)
It is Well

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If you found life of Rebekah and the servant inspiring, you are likely to also enjoy the the story of Lydia in Episode 038, which is a partnership of purpose with Paul, and the story of Mary as she waits for an answer to prayer in Episode 035.

Next week we will return to the life of the Warrior Rebekah as we watch her fall in love, but not all will be perfect as we learn about the struggle within.

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