033. How Do I KNOW If Jesus Really Cares?

033. How Do I KNOW If Jesus Really Cares?

Why do we care…

to take on so much, so that we end up feeling overwhelmed and alone standing in the middle of a mess? Then we wonder if anyone really knows… can they too, hear all that noise that pounds out in no certain rhythm… like a dull drumming which drowns out every logical thought that once made sense?

And does anyone even care?

Surely if they did, someone would step in to help. But there you stand, lonely and swaying in the middle of all those swirling, twirling thoughts… just like that MindStorm that our Warrior Martha also suffered. What are we to do? We’ve heard that Jesus is near, but how can that be? For surely if He truly cared, this would not be happening… right?

When will I get my sanity back, when will all this craziness end?

Well Warrior, unfortunately, it won’t until we learn how to put on the Helmet of Salvation that we received. Because it’s not just a one-time prayer, instant-ticket to heaven. It’s a piece of armor which was never meant to be thrown on the shelf in the closet.

Jesus cares so much…

in fact, that He represented Salvation as a Helmet for good reason. And He intended for us to actually wear it. So let’s get to learning how and why so we can not only be covered during the MindStorms and muffled from the MindNoise, but avoid them in the future.

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