How Do I Know if I’m Hearing from God? {Ep.013 updated)

How Do I Know if I’m Hearing from God? {Ep.013 updated)

How often do we pray…

wait for an answer and then wonder if God really heard us? Was that thing that happened yesterday a ‘sign?’ Is what my friend randomly said to me a word from God? Or does the void of all reason mean I prayed for the wrong thing?

It’s often difficult…

for us to understand how God communicates. But that’s what I love about the life story of our Warrior this week, the Woman with the Issue of Blood. I know! Strange name and description, huh? But when we stop and delve a little deeper, we can learn, not only about the miracle of her healing, but also about the insight of her hearing.

Join me…

for this episode as we grow in our understanding of how God communicates and how we can better discern His voice.


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