051.How Do I INVITE and INCLUDE God in MY Relationships?

051.How Do I INVITE and INCLUDE God in MY Relationships?

Do you struggle, Warrior…

with relationships that seem to take more than they give? With people who aren’t as reliable as you’d hoped for?

You’re not alone!

Even though that’s the whispered doubt you hear on repeat, God has a better plan, Warrior; a better purpose for those He weaves into the fabric of your life. We just need to trust that His way is greater and find a way to INVITE and INCLUDE Him in those relationships for them to work.

Join me today…

as we journey into the lives of two Warriors who show us three key ways to do just that! Naomi and Ruth are prime examples of Warriors who understood difficulty. But because they chose to struggle well together, trusting in God as their source, they  stepped into blessing and beyond.


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