How Can God’s Grace Transform a Wayward Warrior? {Ep 093}

How Can God’s Grace Transform a Wayward Warrior? {Ep 093}

No one wants…

to suffer from a broken promise. Unfortunately, it seems to be a certainty of life, and often at the hand of someone who is completely unaware of the disappointment they have caused us.

Although the circumstances of our betrayal vary widely, we often suffer the same range of lonely and abandoned feelings, no matter how brief the blow, or bitter the breakdown. And all too often, these tangled fears and feelings can make our faith hard to find.

But thank God…

for His #GRACE that is able to fill the void and work through even the most difficult disappointments. Yes, even with our various flaws and faults, which cause our faith to falter, God’s grace has the power to transform us into Warriors who overcome.

And grace is why…

I’m excited to share our newest Warrior this week! Join me as we witness her transform from misunderstood to matriarch. Yes, today we will step into the life of Tamar, who was abandoned, not only by a broken promise, but also to her own desperate drive to defend her future. Wait until you see how God’s grace brought restoration, renewal and redemption, even to the promise breaker.

Join me as we watch a wayward woman, by grace, transform into warrior, in spite of the betrayal.

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