How Can I Overcome When Words Overwhelm? {Ep.016 updated}

How Can I Overcome When Words Overwhelm? {Ep.016 updated}


We often throw them about casually, without realizing their power. It doesn’t always matter whether they are spoken to us, about us, or by us, words can have the power to overcome or overwhelm us. And all too often, when words overwhelm us, we feel bullied or offended.

Did you realize…

that we can even bully ourselves? That’s right! The words we allow to dwell in our thoughts or come out of our mouths can bully us to the point of impacting our identity.

That’s why…

I’m so blessed by the lessons our Warrior this week teaches by her actions. She shows us how we can respond in a powerful way in the absence of words.

Learn to overcome…

as we step into the life of Hannah who stood firm in her shoes of peace halting the offense that tempted her to become overwhelmed by words.


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