How to Boldly Speak the Will and Word of the Lord {EP 062}

How to Boldly Speak the Will and Word of the Lord {EP 062}

What are you passionate about?

Is it something you are able to speak boldly about, Warrior, no matter the audience? Or, do you ever hesitate, considering whether the opinion of others might drown you out and take things in a different direction?

Sometimes it can be hard…

to speak boldly about our faith when we try to please everyone. All to often, we allow doubt to creep into our thoughts, telling us that what we have to say will not be received well. We judge the outcome before we’ve had a chance to utter a word.

But BOLD Warriors…

are all too necessary in the Kingdom of God, which is exactly why today’s lesson from our Warrior Elizabeth is so refreshing! Join me as we step one last time into her life to learn how she boldly spoke the will and the word of the Lord.

EP062.How to Speak Boldly

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