How to Hold on to the Hope of God’s Immeasurably More? {Ep 079}

How to Hold on to the Hope of God’s Immeasurably More? {Ep 079}

It’s never easy…

to take advice from someone when we feel like they don’t fully understand our circumstance. And still, God will sometimes send people into our lives in order to challenge our perspective; in order to point us in a new direction of hope.

Then it may…

just seem too risky to step out in the faith of what they suggest. So where do we place our hope? In that person, in our circumstance, or even in our own strength?

Join me today…

as we meet a new warrior who faced such a challenge. A woman who didn’t even know the God of immeasurably more, and still He sent someone to her rescue. Yes, God saw her starving for hope and challenged her to take the risk of obedience.

In this episode…

we will not only witness an amazing miracle of God, but an inspiration to get our hopes up and try that something we’ve been dreaming about.

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