Holding onto the Hope for a Happy Ending {Ep.096}

Holding onto the Hope for a Happy Ending {Ep.096}

How do you deal with…

those days when you can’t see past the struggle standing in your way? When you can’t move beyond the messy middle, wondering if you’ll ever make it to the end We’ve all been there, Warrior. Longing for the hope of a happy ending, but tripping over trials along the way.

But what if…

you stopped to imagine yourself in one of those Netflix series? You know, like the one you can’t turn off until you know how it ends. Have you ever noticed that it’s actually the difficulties they face which keep you watching?

You may be surprised…

to know, that the Bible is not so different. In fact, that’s why I’m inviting you to join me to study the life story of this week’s Warrior, Gomer. No, she’s not a likely topic for daily devotional, but certainly one worth watching until the end. Because I believe that together she will help us learn how to push past our trials and hold on to the hope for our happy ending.

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