018.How to Bravely Believe in the Truth of God’s Goodness

018.How to Bravely Believe in the Truth of God’s Goodness

If I were to ask you to name one person who has inspired you and why, I wonder if you would mention the truth they brought to light for you?

Because when we are stirred…

and grow eager to run a little harder toward something, it’s typically because we’ve experienced a shift in our ideology. As if a light was turned on, or maybe just made brighter so we can see more clearly. Oftentimes this light reveals a new perspective; a new truth.

We may not realize it’s about truth, but we seldom talk in those concrete terms. To us, it’s just a memory.

Recently I had one of those moments.

A flashback of shorts, which reminded me of a truth I learned from one of my daughters. When she was about ten years old, she pitched for a rec-softball team. She was invited an event which fell on the same day as a game. She asked me if she could skip the game for it. I simply told her that she’d have to ask her coach.

We were fairly new to team sports, but I had remembered the coach asking us not to do the talking for our daughters, but rather teach them to work out problems first with their coach and teammates.

So even though she wasn’t excited about the option, with plenty of time before the game, she went to her coach. I’ll never forget what he told her when she gave him the news.

He said it was fine with him as long as she told the team herself. Now my daughter has never been one for giving a speech or addressing a group, so when she told me this, at first I wanted to defend her. I thought the coach was being too harsh on her, for her age. But as I thought about it, I realized kids need a little pressure like this regarding their choices as they grow up.

So though I wanted to know how it went, I left the problem alone. She had gone to a few practices and I had yet to ask if she had told the team. I was waiting for her to bring it up. Then the day before the game as she was getting her uniform washed and ready, I brought it up.

I’ll never forget how I felt…

when she told me she never spoke to the team about it. She had realized that if she got her way, she’d be letting all of them down. She knew because she was the only practiced pitcher, that her choice not to play might cost them the game.

Although she wasn’t happy about the pressure it put on her, she was confident that she had made the right decision.

In that moment, I was so proud of her for making a tough decision by herself. And beyond that, I noticed she never complained or seemed concerned about the other event.

Now while I didn’t think to myself, “Hey, this is a new truth,” I do remember realizing the value of team. I do remember reflecting on this truth when I had hard decisions to make.

Her decision shone a light into my life and the truth of how our actions truly affect those around us. She taught me to think more about others, as if I had to tell them my choice out loud, and consider the impact.

I doubt my daughter ever realized how her selfless act taught me that truth. It’s not that I had never seen outside myself before. I just don’t remember it being so clear how my choices could affect others well-being so directly.

Now while I never had the opportunity to play team sports as a kid, the lesson this coach taught guided my decisions; some clearly harder than others to make. And when I actively applied the truth of what my little girl had bravely done, the clarity of mind actually blessing me with peace.

Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe a friend or family member made a brave choice. It could have been an adult who spoke words of wisdom to the kid in you that changed your habits. Or even a stranger who’s actions caused a shift in your perspective.

There are people around us saying and doing brave things that might just re-direct our future if we pay attention to the truth they teach. It might just be that God has placed them on our path to light the way for us… with truth.

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Would you describe yourself and an influencer or as one influenced?

Has anyone ever inspired you with their bold choice of integrity? Have you ever gained truth by just living in presence of a wise soul? It could be that they are bravely representing the TRUTH of God and that the goodness in their life has spilled over onto you.

Join me as we step one last time into the life of Hannah to learn how she not only made brave choices, but held firmly to the foundations of God’s truth. Learn what it means to be, “girded” with the Belt of Truth, described in Ephesians as the first piece of the Armor of God.

Challenge yourself to write the TRUTHS of God which you can take as your own foundation, ushering blessings of goodness not only into your own life, but shining light to the paths of those around you.

I am praying for you to realize the Warrior within and step forward in finding the purpose for which God created you.

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Resources for this and all podcasts can be downloaded at thewarrioshe.com

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  • That is a powerful lesson and made me think about myself. When I choose one thing over another, would I be so quick to do it if I had to go to everyone concerned and ask for their opinion? Yeeks! Probably not. I’ll be thinking about this.

    • So glad this challenged you as it did me! Powerful lessons these women warriors teach.

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