Five Truths to Stretch Us When We Want to Ask God Why {Ep.080}

Five Truths to Stretch Us When We Want to Ask God Why {Ep.080}

It’s easy to…

get discouraged as we strive to stand firm in faith, when all the sudden, WHAM, trouble tramples our efforts.

I imagine that’s how our Warrior, the Widow of Zarephath, felt when she risked obedience to follow the instruction of the prophet Elijah. Because even though her risk was rewarded for a time, soon tragedy entered her life as her son became ill and died.

And, she wanted to know WHY!

I’ve been there too…

wanting to ask the same questions. Why this? Why now? Why me? Why do I have to endure this when I’ve trusted You, God? If you have found yourself asking WHY recently, let me encourage you to listen to this episode as this widow Warrior shows us five truths that helped STRETCH her faith, even when she asked God WHY.


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