Where Can I Find God When I Feel Alone in My Pain? {Ep.012 updated}

Where Can I Find God When I Feel Alone in My Pain? {Ep.012 updated}

PAIN does not discriminate. It charges forth in all our lives, often in seasons unexpected. It might be physical PAIN or a financial PAIN. Maybe you feel the PAIN of a relationship gone wrong, or the PAIN of disappointment.

We all suffer from PAIN.

But the real tragedy is how it affects our spirt and our soul. For all too often PAIN causes us to feel isolated and alone, struggling with fear and doubt, wondering, When will this PAIN end? And, Where is God when I need healing?

I understand, Warrior

Truly I do. I have struggled with PAIN in all these areas at some point in my life. Sometimes I turned to God. And sometimes I didn’t. But I am encouraged by our Warrior this week, who suffered from a PAIN that overwhelmed her life. Pain which had no reason, no cure, no end.

Join me today…

as we step into her life to learn how she found the healing power of God the moment she bravely reached for Him. And how we too can receive this relief when we need it most.


(this episode originally aired March 1, 2017)

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