How to Find Freedom from Spiritual Oppression {Ep.098}

How to Find Freedom from Spiritual Oppression {Ep.098}

Freedom doesn’t come easy…

We’ve all struggled through seasons in life when we feel powerless to overcome trials and troubles which tend to torment our soul. But no matter whether we proclaim a faith in God or not, we will continue to be oppressed on occasion as we are all subject to a spiritual battle which wages all around us.

For there is an unseen war…

between good and evil, where spirits rally to win us to their side. But God desires us to find freedom as we trust in that He has already won the victory. In fact, just as Jesus proclaimed in John 16:33, God does not wish that we lose heart, because He has already overcome the world. and how awesome that He began demonstrating His power over evil even as He ministered here on earth.

Join me as we step into…

the life one such Warrior who began bent over and bound in oppression. But Jesus not only healed her, but freed her, giving her the faith to stand upright before Him, casting off her former shame and realizing the warrior within.

Freedom from Oppression.PIN

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