023.Do you FEAR what others might say?

023.Do you FEAR what others might say?

We’ve all thought it. Because who wants to put on display their baggage… who wants to show their weaknesses?

I mean, what if they REALLY knew me?

I remember when I was training for a new sales job that required me to go into hospitals and doctor’s offices, my manager told me to always act like I knew what I was doing and where I was going. And honestly, that was the easiest part of the job. Because who hasn’t had to fake confidence?

I mean, just to look at me… I’m pretty tall, standing right at six feet. So all my life, I’ve gotten noticed… called out for being a head taller than the rest. Even when I didn’t always WANT the attention. Even when I didn’t always like the burden. But since I had not choice, I learned to put on a brave face; especially in those times when I wanted to run.

It happens to all of us.

No matter your job, or your height. We all face times when we wish we could simply hide. When our confidence lags, our courage up and leaves, and all we hear are the whispers of doubt echoing in our soul… maybe it’s because we’re starting something new.

– a new job
– a new relationship
– a new school

Or maybe it’s because we fell into the wrong crowd, got stuck in a cycle of bad habits, or were taken advantage of and hurt by those we thought were our friends. The simplest solution is  to just build high walls on every side and never come out again.

But God doesn’t want us to live in fear.

Because the walls can’t take away the hurt. And the loneliness just gives us a bigger cavern inside for the whispers of the past to echo. How do I know? Because I’ve been there. Because I have tried to be the encourager of of friends and family who still live there.
So I know exactly what kind of obstacles we face when we struggle to trust again. To let go of some of that pressure to please people. And the only way I was able to do it, was to replace WHO I put my trust in.
I had to find a more reliable, more dependable, more certain Someone to put my trust in. I needed to get off the teeter-totter I once called faith and properly balance my trust in God alone. Otherwise, I’m likey to fall back into my old people-pleasing habit, expecting others to always be exactly what I need, when I need it. And honeslty, I get tired of picking myself up from the dirt when they’ve stepped off… letting me fall hard and lonely.

So what changed for me?

I finally realized that even before I stepped onto the playground, God was already there. I just had to learn to put my faith in Him; to realize He knew me better than anyone. AND… He didn’t want to see me fall.
Nor does He wish to see you fall. So take a walk with me today, warrior… for just a bit. Let’s step back into the life of the Warrior SHE… one who can teach us a great deal as we watch her transfer her trust.
Let’s allow the lessons Jesus taught her penetrate our hearts. Let’s learn from the life of the Woman at the Well how to receive the good God wants to give to us.
Do you fear what others might say if they really knew you?

On the Podcast:

Walling ourself off from people because we fear their rejection or opinion makes for a very lonely life. But honestly, it doesn’t quiet the whispers of doubt inside.

Step into the life of today’s Warrior who was challenged to take the focus off of herself and consider the healing gifts of a stranger. I believe you’ll be moved by the honesty and clarity of how transparent Jesus can be, as He compassionately persues the Woman at the Well.

Join me today as the Warrior SHE considers the gift… and
get to know the One who knows you… and loves you still!

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