A Word of Encouragment for Our Dis-Connected Season {Ep. 100}

A Word of Encouragment for Our Dis-Connected Season {Ep. 100}

I woke up this morning to the oddest dream. It was as if I was standing outside of myself looking looking in. I felt so dis-connected. Kind of the same way I believe many of us feel in the middle of this crazy pandemic mess.

Can you remember any other event in our lifetime when all we actually had something we could all truly agree upon?

But here… now, we all can agree on the fact that we are dis-connected. Am I right?

I mean, I doubt anyone would deny being frustrated by the uncertainty of how long this whole pandemic will last. And who isn’t irritated by their captivity, or fearful of the future?

So, I actually decided to share this crazy idea I had after waking up the other morning from an unusual dream.

I could lay it all out here in writing, but I’d rather just tell you. So, just press play. I promise it won’t take long as I hope to encourage you in this new season of theWarriorSHE podcast.

A Word of Encouragement for Our Dis-Connected Season.PIN

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