How Can I Embrace My Emptiness to Prove God’s Power? {Ep.078}

How Can I Embrace My Emptiness to Prove God’s Power? {Ep.078}

At one time or another…

we have all set goals or made a resolution. But how often has that target been set on emptiness? It’s not like we determine to see our bank account near zero. Or that we only hope we run out of gas on the way to work. And who wants to wake up one day to an empty house with no family or friends?

So why would we ever embrace emptiness?

I’m not going to tell you that our Warrior this week sought after lack in her life. But when she did experience it all around her, she found God in the middle of it. And boy, did He prove His faithfulness!

Join me today…

as we step into the life of a poor widow who shows us that our emptiness may actually be the perfect place to connect with God’s power.

078. Emptiness.PIN

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