You Can Be a Courageous Warrior with Contagious Faith {Ep.056 updated}

You Can Be a Courageous Warrior with Contagious Faith {Ep.056 updated}

Anyone can…

sound courageous mapping out a battle plan for others to carry out. But let the flaming arrows begin to fly a little too close to home, and all those brave words can get lost amidst the complaints, confusion and doubt.

So how can we better prepare ourselves?

Why not…

take some lessons from a Warrior who demonstrated a courageous FAITH that was also contagious. Someone like Deborah, the Prophetess, who not only managed many roles, as most women do, but at the same time, spoke words of faith which led a nation to victory.


she did not let other people’s lack of faith, or their negativity sway her. Nor was she overcome by her own pride, causing her to miss her purpose.

Join me as we learn from Deborah how to be a courageous warrior who demonstrates contagious faith when the battle becomes most fierce.

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