Courageous Faith to Face Your Most Formidable Opponent {Ep 076}

Courageous Faith to Face Your Most Formidable Opponent {Ep 076}

Have you ever…

gotten that deep down feeling that God wants you to say, do, or be something that will make a difference for His Kingdom?

Don’t you know…

that’s exactly the moment that doubt and fear creep in, telling you that it’ll never work because you’re not strong enough, not smart enough, not connected enough.

Well today…

we are going to meet a warrior who found the courageous faith to move past those doubts and step boldly into action, saving not only one innocent life, but ours as well.

Join me…

as we learn how the brave Warrior, Jehosheba, teaches us that courage does not exist in absence of fear. Rather it is a calculated choice to place passion and purpose before pride, trusting God to deliver us from even our most formidable opponent.


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