How to Bravely Believe in the Truth of God’s Goodness {Ep.018 updated}

How to Bravely Believe in the Truth of God’s Goodness {Ep.018 updated}

When was the last time…

you truly felt inspired? Was it when you heard someone speaking bold wisdom to a crowd? Or were you simply an innocent bystander, witnessing a brave action of integrity?

Could it be…

that through those inspiring words or actions you may have received an overflow of the TRUTH and GOODNESS of God, even though His name was never mentioned?

By definition…

to be inspired, means to be permeated with the spirit to do something, as if by supernatural or divine influence. So, could it be that the inspiration you received, was actually an in-Spirit-ion? It’s often not until we are willing to take time and honestly reflect that we see how God has woven His influence throughout our lives, directing our purpose. And what a beautiful tapestry of goodness He weaves!

Join me…

in this last episode in the life of Hannah, as we reflect on the brave choices she made which inspired a life of faith and purpose, demonstrating the truth of how God absolutely works all things together for good

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If you’d like to learn about the rest of Hannah’s life, you can listen to How Can I Overcome When Words Overwhelm {Ep.016 updated} and 7 Key Insights to Become an Effective Prayer Warrior {Ep.017 updated}.

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