How to Become a Bold Warrior in Your Season of Stuckness {Ep 077}

How to Become a Bold Warrior in Your Season of Stuckness {Ep 077}

It can be so frustrating…

when we find ourself STUCK in a difficult season of life, stumbling around in its darkness, searching for any way out.

And even though…

we should be able to take consolation in the fact that everyone faces these seasons, when we are smack in the middle of our “stuckness,” that’s a hard perspective to see.

So what if…

instead of being surprised by the season, we chose to expect it? What if we made a plan for our “stuckness” before it captivated us, so that we could manage better in the middle?

Then, we may just find…

along the way that God gives us a companion in a similar struggle… someone we can link up with to share encouragement and strength.

Join me today…

as we step into the life of an unexpected Warrior who was able to see past her own struggle in order to speak boldly into the life of another stuck soul.

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  • Lisa, thank you for this rich teaching! You really dig into the Word, and this blessed me deeply! I signed up for your email list and followed you on all social media as well today! I’m praying God continues to use your heart for him to draw many into his love! I LOVE what you are doing here!

  • What a blessing that we can encourage each other in Christ! I am so grateful that God uses our messy seasons to grow us into His likeness!

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