032. If You Could Ask Jesus ONE THING…

032. If You Could Ask Jesus ONE THING…

Have you ever watched someone else worship?

Wondered, ‘What in the world is REALLY going on inside?’ Like… are they faking it, or is there a real connection with God going on? Because it seems that there are so many different styles of worship, it’s hard to know.

Have you ever been jealous of someone’s faith?

Or frustrated that you can’t seem to find a faith of your own? Because, I had tried to believe for so long. I did everything I thought you were supposed to do. I followed all the rules, crossed all the T’s and dotted all the i’s. But it just didn’t seem to take. And honestly, for a long time, I wondered what could possibly be so exciting about going to church and how could anyone want to read such a boring book called the Bible?

So if I got to ask Jesus ONE THING…

it would have been, “Why did you make religion so hard?” Because back then, that’s exactly what it was for me… hard work. It was this added struggle heaped on top of my already too long To-Do List, which never got done anyway. So it just made me feel worse about myself, hating the churchy people even more.

But then I met Mary…

and after watching her interact with her Little Lamb, I got to thinking, that’s what I want. The way He waits for her… everywhere she goes. No matter what ‘rules’ other people shout about, they don’t seem overwhelm her. Because He is still there for her… keeping her steady and calm everywhere she goes. Just Mary and her Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb
So I took the time to really get to know Mary and her Little Lamb, and now I understand why I often felt threatened by their relationship… by the faith relationship of anyone else, really. And then it started to make sense why the minute I’d start to show any interest in God, I’d get interrupted. You see, I realized that God has an enemy. And the enemy of God became the enemy of anyone who starts to hang around with Him too much. So he gets jealous… the devil I mean. And he doesn’t want the relationship to begin… much less to grow into such a strong bond. He becomes our enemy, battling against us, not wanting us to learn to rely upon God everywhere we go.

This is the story of the ONE THING…

which will change your life forever. It is told in the life of Mary of Bethany. She is the sister of Martha who opened her home to Jesus and His disciples as they traveled toward Jerusalem. The kindness of this family’s hospitality, just giving rest and refreshment to these weary men, is a story that invites us to be witnesses to the most beautiful moment of worship.
Won’t you join me as we learn the lesson of the ONE THING?
If you were unable to follow along in the podcast
and would like to read the Prayer of Salvation for yourself,
here is the link, Prayer of Salvation.
The Prayer of Salvation
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