7 Key Insights for Effective Prayer Warriors {Ep.017 updated}

7 Key Insights for Effective Prayer Warriors {Ep.017 updated}

Faced with a difficult situation…

many of us know we should pray, but all too often feel inadequate. Still we do our best to cry out to God, asking, hoping, uncertain if we are using the right words. We might even know someone to take our troubles to that we believe has a direct line to God, believing their prayers carry more weight than ours.

But how exactly…

did that person learn the language of prayer? And what qualifies them to enter the spirit realm as a prayer warrior on our behalf? It can often seem so confusing.

But prayer…

doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Join me today as we discover from one woman’s prayer, not only a simpler way to talk to God, but a weapon to guard ourselves as we become prayer warriors.

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