5 Vital Virtues of a Warrior Wife {Ep 070}

5 Vital Virtues of a Warrior Wife {Ep 070}

They say that…

two heads are better than one. So why do our struggles within marriage sometimes complicate our communication?

Could it be…

that using our head may not be the best resource to find our way through difficult times? Could it be that we would be better off being led by our heart… or better yet, our spirit?

Join me today…

as we step into the life of a Warrior Wife who had to dig deep for the faith needed to survive the struggle. This Warrior shows us, not only to put our trust in God, but also displays a variety of vital virtues in her marriage which we would be wise to emulate.

This is the life of Noah’s wife, a Warrior who wielded her weapons well!

070.Battle Buddy Virtues.PIN

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