5 Truths to Tell Your Heart Before Trouble Turns Up {Ep.015 updated}

5 Truths to Tell Your Heart Before Trouble Turns Up {Ep.015 updated}

We’d be lying…

to say we don’t fear the future. But each of us has a unique reason for the fear. Maybe yours is yours related to some trouble that marched itself in, unannounced, snatching your peace, leaving you no way out? Did you feel violated, broken, cheated and alone when that traitor “trouble” took what you’d planned for so long?

How come no one…

warned us that life was so unfair? I mean, don’t you ever wondered how things might have turned out differently, if only someone had warned you?

Join me today…

as we step into the life of a Warrior who seemed to be better prepared for such trouble when it turned up in her life without warning. Let’s see what we can learn from the way she took action, making a decisive choice that changed, not only her future, but also the lives of those around her.

Let’s ditch the lie..

that we have to fear the future and replace it with the truth that prepares us to fulfill the purpose God has planned for us.

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