3 Reasons Warriors can Overcome Fear of End Times {Ep.066}

3 Reasons Warriors can Overcome Fear of End Times {Ep.066}

It’s easy to talk…

about our #faith when things are good in the everyday circumstances of our life. But just your dip our toe into the shallows of end times prophecy, and suddenly all sorts of insecurities and fears bubble up.

But that’s no reason…

to be ashamed, because complicated prophecies can unnerve even the most studied of Bible scholar. So today, as we head into the book of Revelation for the last episode in our series about on God as a Warrior, I want to encourage you that we are sticking to the basics and focusing on only one passage which describes Him.

This episode is…

purposed to give you three concrete reasons NOT to fear all that is unknown about this book of prophecy. In fact, I believe God wants to encourage us to look forward to what is to come, knowing that our EverLASTing Warrior plans to lead us into victory.

End times prophecy…

doesn’t have to be something to fear. Knowing more about it can be the very reason you #realizethewarriorwithin. So let’s get started as we learn who this Warrior is, how He battles, and what our part is with Him!


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  • This is really awesome. I am looking forward to Jesus’ return. Sometimes the grief of everything going on in this world causes me to long for His return today! Many blessings to you sweet sister …

  • So grateful this encouraged you! I too look forward in faith to His return when we all can stand and see His victory!

  • Yes the end of times can be so scary! But when we sit with what the victory God has already done can focus on what’s a gods plan has been the entire time. Great topic!

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