049. 3 Powerful Lessons to Stay Plotted Toward Your Purpose

049. 3 Powerful Lessons to Stay Plotted Toward Your Purpose

Have you ever known that person…

who seemed to live a charmed life? Remember that girl high school you hung around who seemed to always get her way? Like the time she got so lucky, making an A on that test she forgot to study for? Or how she ALWAYS had the cutest boyfriend and everyone was so jealous?

Or maybe you had a brother or sister who was that all-star athlete… the one who brought home all the trophies? Or were they the one with the perfect GPA, who got into the best college? How did that make you feel? Did you compare yourself to them whether your parents spoke it out loud, or not?

Was it ever hard for you…

NOT to criticize your popular friend or sucessful sibling? To not to feel LESS than, or wonder why YOU always had to struggle when THEY always seemed to ride high on the EASY road?

I have a pretty good feeling…

that’s EXACTLY how Miriam began to feel as she stood anywhere near Moses during those first few years after leaving Egypt.

To her, he must have seemed like the one who lived that charmed life. I mean, think about it. He never knew slavery like she and Aaron had. Then after he was accused of murdering an Egyptian, he escaped that charge and ran off to live in Midian, meeting a wife and raising a family.

And all those years later, when he appointed lead the people out of Israel… to be the one in charge, maybe Miram still thought of him as the baby of the family… the one she helped save out of the Nile. Hardly seems fair, huh?

So maybe when…

she and Aaron got a few moments alone they commiserated. What’s the harm in that, right?

But is it possible for that to become a habit?  Can a routine of speaking negative words lead us into a life not so desirable… one without wisdom and peace.

Join me today as we conclude this series on our Warrior Miriam, as we step into what was quite possibly the most difficult part of her life This is certain to show us more of the wisdom of God!


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