3 Lessons that Lead Warriors to Listen and Obey {Ep 071}

3 Lessons that Lead Warriors to Listen and Obey {Ep 071}

Ever gotten that nudge…

deep down inside, that tells you to say or do something for someone? At first it seems like an interesting idea. But then, when you take the time to ponder it, you begin to believe it’s ridiculous.

So, what do you do with it?

Do you boldly follow through, no matter your opinion of it? Or do you let your logic win, dowsing the desire and burying it beneath the other things you’d rather do?

Listening can be…

harder than we realize. But thank goodness for the bold and brave behavior of our Warrior, Huldah. She was a woman, who when called upon by God, got the job done.

Join me…

as we step into the Old Testament for a look at the lessons she has to teach us about how Warriors LISTEN and OBEY.


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