060. 3 Key Concepts to Re-Kindle the Dream in Your Heart!

060. 3 Key Concepts to Re-Kindle the Dream in Your Heart!

What is your deepest desire?

Does your heart cry out with a dream? Is there a fire which burns down deep, causing you to pursue something you can’t quite speak aloud? Or maybe your dream has been put on the back burner, causing you to wonder if it will ever become a reality?

Was there a dream…

in your heart you used to pray to about? Something you were certain you were destined to do for God? Is it possible that you have gotten discouraged with the long wait for God to move in your life? And now you stand far from it, looking at it like a stranger, with whispers of doubt swirling about in your mind.

Do you ever wonder…

if maybe God changed His mind? That maybe He saw you distracted from it, so He took it away. Or that maybe you just heard Him wrong, since the wait has been so long with no signs of development. Whatever the reason, Warrior, I’m right there with you! I totally get all those anxious feelings, as if you’ve missed some marker along the way.

So lean in, Warrior!

Because today we will be stepping into the life of a Warrior who likely felt the same. She had every reason to wonder; every reason to doubt her dream. But thank God, she didn’t put down her shield of faith!  Yes, today we will be looking deeper, discovering the 3 KEY CONCEPTS that our Warrior, Elizabeth put to use which kept her dream alive, marching on a steady path to her purpose.
3 Key Concepts to Re-Kindle the Dream in Your Heart.PIN

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  • I love this topic! Never stop chasing your dreams. Can’t wait to listen to the others you have recommended.

    • So grateful for your encouragement and input! Be blessed in the pursuit of your dreams, Warrior!

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